A Wishlist for Apple: Pro Photo Tool

by Tom Bridge

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iPhoto is currently my image management tool. It works well with my PowerShot S410, and with my 10D. But there are things about it that drive me absolutely batty, and I'm hoping that Apple's going to make a long stride forward tomorrow when they plug their gap. Apple actually has two holes in the imaging field. If you look at the video model, there are three levels of application: iMovie, Final Cut Express HD and Final Cut Studio. Three pricepoints, three levels of features. For those of us who love to take photos, I'd like to see the same delineation.

For now, we'll call them iPhoto, Darkroom Express and Darkroom Pro. Honestly, if these turn out to be the names, I'm totally guessing, and no Apple employee has leaked me word one, those names just make sense to me. What I'm hoping we'll get is a mid-level program (Darkroom Express) in the $100 to $200 range that will allow for better library management, enhanced image retooling and some serious color correction and photo maninpulation. What I'm also hoping Apple has under its hat is a version of Darkroom to keep Adobe on their toes.

Everyone worries that Apple cows to Adobe to avoid competing with them as to keep the applications that DTP folks know and love available for the Mac platform. However, that's allowing Adobe to bully Apple, to control Apple, and I think Steve's probably had just about enough out of Bruce Chisen. When Photoshop Elements didn't get an upgrade this year, that unleashed the hounds over at Apple. I know that there's room on my dock for one more application. Here's hoping Apple's got the right solution.

What do you want to see from Apple in a more professional photo application?


2005-10-18 11:12:28
not so far away
Graphic Converter? (Lemke)

Not so bad.....

2005-10-18 15:23:04
If you're right, I just hope it supports Adobe's Digital Negative format. I'd love to be able to go back to converting all of my Canon raw files to DNG.
2005-10-19 08:38:54
iView MediaPro and Adobe Express
Why does it have to be Apple branded?
2005-10-19 08:44:34
iView MediaPro and Adobe Express
I don't think it does, but I want to see them do what they've done for movies and apply it to photography. Final Cut is a masterwork of film editing, I'm entirely convinced they could do the same for Photos.
2005-10-19 09:58:20
Looks like your wish came true
Aperture was announced today: