A Year Without (MS) Windows

by Tom Adelstein

Related link: http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/47135/

Don Parris writes: "I realize the title might mislead you to believe that I've been trapped in a dank, dark underground dungeon for a year. In reality, though, I have been without Microsoft Windows for over a year. On November 1 of last year I blew away my old Windows 98/SUSE Linux 8.0 Professional dual-boot installation, and loaded SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional, by itself, on my box. While I know others have been Windows-free for much longer than a year, others simply cannot imagine doing without it."

He later writes: "I can track my personal, as well as our ministry's finances via GnuCash. I have experienced phenomenal stability, had very little to do in terms of managing the system, and been able to lead a relatively productive life over the course of the last year. I've noticed, too, that I revamp my system far less frequently. It used to be something like every six months. Now, I only do so when I upgrade. What's more, I can edit those text files in the /etc folder if and when I need to make adjustments - no mysterious Pandora's Registry to deal with. Ironically, I rarely need to make adjustments."

If you didn't guess it, Don's an ordained minister and one of the Senior Editors at LXer.com. He's actually one of the best writers with whom I have worked.

You can read his article at Lxer. It a great read.

Oh yes. One of our readers say he's a true Linux evangelist.