by Todd Ogasawara

Just an observation... I read an item over in TUAW the other day noting that Apple's stock (AAPL) hit a record high and that its market cap was over $100 billion ($114.51B as of July 11). I wondered where Dell (DELL) and Sun (SUNW) were since both had been sometimes (jokingly sometimes not) mentioned as possible acquierers of Apple in the pre-iPod pre-iMac days. Looking them up, I found their caps at $63.38B and $19.21B, respectively. So, Apple's market cap is now greater than Dell and Sun combined..


2007-07-12 11:13:20
Michael Dell must be on a strict all-crow diet these days. ;-)
2007-07-12 12:09:57
To paraphrase a famouse line from Michael Dell, I think both Sun and Dell should be shut down and the money given back to the shareholders.

This is what happens to outsourcers and companies that only hire cheap foreign labor. I have friends who used to work at Sun 10 years ago and they tell me it's now 99% imported workers and H-1Bs. So much for outsourcing being great for America!

It is so goo to see Apple, a company that doesn't outsourcing its product development and doesn't lay off all it's American developers come soaring back.

Note to corporate America: in your rush to save money on labor, you may be throwing away the very workers who could turn your company into the next Apple. Maybe there is a connection in there somewhere.....

2007-07-19 20:30:01
Mike, that's a lazy shot at immigrants. When I see the illegals in my neighborhood harassing women at the local 7-11 and our government doing nothing about it I have a lot of respect for those who choose to learn English, follow our byzantine immigration rules and come here legally. You know how hard it is to come here on an H1 or an L1? It is insane. As for getting a green card through your job, that takes years. Go to the USCIS site and look through the process yourself. It aint pretty.
Now, you might think that H1s take our jobs, and that may or may not be true, but even so I would much rather compete against an immigrant here on US soil than against an offshore group in Bangalore. When the work moves offshore, bang, everyone suffers. When the immigrants come here, they contribute to our economy and we have a chance to take each other on in the marketplace. That's the glory of capitalism.