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by Jesse Liberty

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In my expanding efforts to support my books and to find an avenue of communication with readers and other interested folks, I've joined (at last!) the O'Reilly Weblog community.

The entries, at first, may be sparse and somewhat random, but it is my goal to use this forum to try out new ideas for my forthcoming books, to discuss emerging issues, solicit feedback and generally note down the kinds of issues I'm dealing with and thinking about.

I do fully support my books at my web site where you will usually find a FAQ for each book along with source code, errata and, perhaps most important, a link to a discussion site where you can ask questions and get support both from me and from other readers.

Since the summer of 2000 I've been focused on .NET, firs the alpha, then the beta and then 1.0 and 1.1. My focus now is on Whidbey, and within the confines of non-disclosure I hope to use this log to discuss what I'm finding (a lot!) and how it will affect my forthcoming revisions (tremendously).

It isn't a secret that all my books will need to be revised for 2.0 (Whidbey) but the exact schedule has not yet been announced.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to send me mail and/or post to my support forum -- but if you are posting a question about one of my books, please do read the faq and errata first.


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2004-03-04 20:34:09
First Alex Homer and now you. So many of my favorite authors are finally blogging. Thanks and SUBSCRIBED!