Activated: Part of a small group, apparantly

by Chris Josephes

I came, I saw, I conquered, and somehow, I also managed to activate my new 3G iPhone. And I seem to be the only guy I know in my area that has made it past that final step.

Early this morning, Two co-workers, assorted friends, and myself, found each other at different points in the line. The following is a transcript of the events, recreated from SMS messages and Twitter posts

6:00 Woke up late.
6:41 (incoming SMS from Clay) Where are you?
6:42 (reply to Clay) Sorry, woke up late. ETA to MoA = 12 minutes
6:55 (to Clay) Fyckinf light rail car blocking mall entrance!
6:56 (reply from Clay) LOL!
7:00 Parked at west entrance, standing in line.
7:20 I download an app to my old EDGE phone to pass the time.
7:35 I can't believe she cut in front of me and 8 other people. Is she married to that guy?
7:55 Curtains are down
8:00 Line's moving
8:03 People cheer and applaud at the first sale. (this is starting to make my cynical)
8:30 In store
8:35 With personal concierge. Handled upgrade of At&t account.
8:40 Sign-in to iTunes failed.
8:45 Bought hard plastic case from Contour Design. Unlike the old metal phone, the plastic case could never look badass.
8:47 Heading in to the office
8:50 Neither phone works. EDGE unavailable on old phone, but Wi-fi works on both phones.
9:03 Try plugging new phone into PC, and running iTunes. No joy.
9:39 Receive SMS page from At&t.
10:13 Receive second SMS page from At&t. Unexpected incoming call arrives.
10:14 Confirmed that phone is working.

My activation process never was fully completed, but it seems to work. This was my first time camping for an Apple product, so I'll give the experience a 6 on a scale of 1-10 for excitement. The store purchase flow was smooth (despite the iTunes unresponsiveness), employees were helpful and friendly, and they managed to handle the crowd pretty quickly.

New York and the East Coast had a one hour advantage over us mid-westerners, so there was already a strain on the sale process by the time we were let in. I'm guessing if you are currently holding a brick, it'll either self activate, or you'll have better luck with iTunes this afternoon.