ActiveSync 4.1 for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 devices released

by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft released ActiveSync 4.1 for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, and Smartphone. If you have a WM5 device, get it now! If you have an older device, stay with ActiveSync 3.8. Here's a couple of additional tips and hints...

  • You can read more about ActiveSync 4.1 and download it from:
    Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1
  • If you have a Pocket PC or Smartphone running an older version of Windows Mobile, stay with ActiveSync 3.8.
    There aren't any enhancements or fixes in 4.1 for those devices.
    And, you actually lose the ability to sync over a network (wired or WiFi).
  • If you use the free version of Zone Labs Zone Alarm,
    you will need to make a configuration change to have it allow ActiveSync 4.1 to work.
    Here's how you do this.
    Try to sync a Windows Mobile 5 device with Zone Alarm left on.
    Note the IP address is the Zone Alarm pop-up warning mini-window.
    Place this address in Zone Alarm's Firewall/Zones Trusted list.
    Disconnect your device from the cable (did I mention ActiveSync 4.1 no longer allows manual software disconnection? :-(), then reconnect to re-attempt the sync.
    It should work from now on.
  • If your Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition does not connect on a second attempt, turn off the screen before attempting to reconnect it for an ActiveSync 4.1 session.
  • Tech geek trivia: ActiveSync 4.0 was never available as a standalone download although it was shipped with the first round of Windows Mobile 5 devices and the Windows Mobile 5 SDK.

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2006-02-27 16:50:20
Awesome post. Thanks so much for being the SOLE source of a fix for me using the free ZA! I was almost going to upgrade just to sync!
2006-04-26 12:41:12
Microsoft give the impression of a workaround with the pro version only. I hope it doesn't leave holes in security!