Adam Bosworth Leaves Google; Joins (His Own) Startup. Sign Of Health Problems@Google?

by M. David Peterson

Adam Bosworth's Weblog: Building and Blogging again

Well, as some seem to know, I’ve left Google. And now that I’ve left, that old entrepreneurial fever has struck me again and I’m off working on a startup. Google is a wonderful company and I had a great time there and had a lot of fun building something I really believe in, Google Health, which I think has a great potential to change the way consumers manage their health when it launches. Still, for me, it is time to start a new company and I’m off and running.

So here's a crazy thought: When Adam Bosworth left Microsoft to join BEA MSFT's stock became stagnant. When he left BEA to join Google, BEA began to show health problems of its own. I'm not suggesting there is a direct connection (though if you were lucky enough to have Adam Bosworth as an employee losing him is certainly not something you would want to have happen) between AB and the value of any given companies stock, but there is certainly going to be an indirect connection, and even more so I wonder if his departure from any given company can be seen as a barometer of sorts as to overall health of that company, signaling change is coming in the near term future?

Absolutely no clue, but it will be interesting to watch what happens over the next 12-18 months with Google's stock and its overall health in general.

Oh, also, it seems he's looking for some smart folks to join him,

All that being said, Smart engineers welcome!! :)

Oh yeah, what am I building? Actually, I’m going to keep that to myself for a bit. Come work with me and you can find out, but otherwise, you’ll need to wait.

NOTE-TO-WWW: If you are currently in a position in which leaving your current situation seems feasible, and you think you have what it takes to work side-by-side with one the best hackers the world has ever known: SEND HIM YOUR RESUME BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE TAKES YOUR SPOT!


2007-10-06 20:29:31
you’ll need to wait.