Add Free Videos to Your iPod with FLiXPO

by Derrick Story

While you wait for the next episode of Lost to appear in the iTMS, you can bolster your video collection right now for your big-screen iPod (and PSP). A new service called FLiXPO is offering free downloads of funny ads, comedy bits, indie shorts, and a variety of other goodies.

I just tested the service by grabbing a Jerry Seinfeld routine on "Milk." Very funny stuff and a nice addition to my iPod. You can read how to do it here. The only shortcoming was that the ID3 tags were a little sparse. But that was easy to fix in iTunes.

Overall, I think FLiXPO will be a welcomed service for iPod and PSP video fans. Check it out.


2006-02-26 20:01:15
I think this site is great
2006-03-18 15:52:55
I think its great
2006-05-20 14:07:20
ok site
2006-06-13 12:01:26
i think that i is a load of crap!!!