Add This to My Lightroom Wish List

by Mikkel Aaland

I'm finally getting up to speed with Photoshop CS3 and I'm really excited about the new Photomerge. The old one was ok, but the new one really rocks and does a great job of merging and blending multiple images shot in sequence. I just wish it integrated better with Lightroom.


2007-10-08 13:26:55
I have the same issue when I further edit TIFFs and save as a new copy, LR doesn't keep track of them. For now I use the "synchronize folder" trick to import them (of course it implies you saved in a folder already referenced in your catalog).
If at least this could be handled better with the Photomerge and HDR tools, I'd be really glad.
2007-10-08 14:25:51
I found the same thing coming back from the round trip from Lightroom to Photomatix. LR doesn't pick up on the unique file name created by Photomatix. Another thought - it might be nice to have the possibility of switching to more than 2 external editors.
2007-10-08 19:32:00
or better yet.. add photomerge to lightroom.
2007-10-08 20:36:17
I've been thinking about this too, and my approach was to put the pano file into one of the PSDs that was generated by Lightroom. I will just discard the other photos of the panos. However, I don't have to re-import the Pano in LR.

But - adding the photomerge in LR would be the best! :)

2007-10-09 12:04:21
Panos in LR also frequently run into the 10,000 pixel-a-side limit. Otherwise, I agree with most: A Lightroom stitching module is high on my LR wishlist.
2007-10-09 13:46:04
Great point Daveed. I haven't run into the 10,000 pixel wall yet, but I can see it coming

And Mike, when you say, "put the pano file into one of the PSDs that was generated by Lightroom" what do you mean exactly? Cut and paste and save? or what?

2007-10-22 12:56:19
I use the same technique as Mike. To answer Mikkel's question, say you choose to edit files A, B and C in PS. When your editing effort is complete, save the file as A (likely A-Edit.psd if you've left Lightroom settings alone) and discard the B-Edit.psd and C-Edit.psd files. The A-Edit.psd item in Lightroom will be updated with the PS changes.