Add weather forecasts to iCal

by Robert Daeley

If you'd like to get your weather forecasts in iCal, head on over to Weather Underground, find your city, and check out the top right-hand of the page for the ICAL icon. There's also an RSS feed.

I don't have any other ical-format calendaring apps handy, but this might well work in those, too.

(Not sure when WU added this functionality -- might well have been there for a while. :)


Randy Smith
2007-09-07 23:10:00
It has been around for about a year now. It works just fine but a live update via the iPhone or iPod Touch (Mine is ordered!) would be much better. I gotta say that Weather Underground is the best bargain on the web. While cripples features such as download speed unless you pay WU adds a lot of cool features if you do pay. The price can't be beat and you can send all your friends a full one year account for free. For 10 bucks a year you can't beat it. Better still they are very nice and listen to what their customers they PC or Mac.
Nathaniel Nutter
2007-09-07 23:45:53
Cool tip, I didn't know about this. Just wanted to clarify something incase somebody doesn't realize it. At least for me clicking on the iCal button simply downloaded an ics file, I had to actual go to iCal and do Calendar > Subscribe and paste the link in to get it the auto-update-coolness version.
Nathaniel Nutter
2007-09-07 23:47:59
Oh one other thing, sorry for multiple posts. In the URL it has City.ics?units=both. You can change that to us or metric for just F or C.
Scot Hacker
2007-09-07 23:57:19
When I click on the ICS link, iCal asks me which of my existing calendars I want to add it to. It also offers to let me create a new calendar. But if I do either of those, it's not a subscription - it's a fully editable calendar, and there's no option to refresh.

But If I copy the link location from the ICS icon, then manually subscribe, I get a proper, uneditable, refreshing iCal subscription.

What gives?

Nathaniel Nutter
2007-09-08 01:05:57
I think the problem is there link starts with http:// and should probably be ical:// or webcal://, I don't know though.
2007-09-08 11:53:36
Ok, I went to the weather underground website and I'm not seeing either the RSS feed or the iCal link. What am I missing here?
Harold Barnett
2007-09-10 03:47:35
Frank, the ICAL icon only shows up on the city page, not on the Weather Underground home page. Hopefully it is there on the specific city page for your location. Hope this helps.
Smith Kennedy
2007-09-10 21:22:03
Hi Scott,

Your comments about http:// vs. webcal:// schemes is correct. If you want to subscribe, copy the URL, go to iCal and click Subscribe, and enter the URL, changing "http" to "webcal". I don't know if it is just Apple's iCal app that knows about that scheme, and others don't, or whether WU would prefer people to download it each time rather than subscribe. But that's the way to change/fix it with iCal. I had to do this with Apple's WWDC calendars back in 2005.

Randy Smith
2007-09-12 10:15:09
WeatherUnderground also has a nice Dashboard Widget, iPhoto plug-in to export pictures to their photo blog and and a screensaver to view pictures that have been uploaded to the site. As I said they are a very Mac friendly site.