Addicted to Coverity

by pat eyler

(Reposted from my blog, at Steve Mallet's request)

I was IMing with a friend today, and asked him if he was paying attention to the Coverity scan. He told me he wasn't, and I jokingly commented that it had the potential to be as addictive as fantasy baseball.


Steve Mallett
2006-04-28 10:00:48
"I guess I should be glad there isn't a fantasy coverity project league out there."

Yet, dude. Yet!

2006-04-28 10:10:55
So,the question is which project do you draft first?
Daniel Berger
2006-04-28 11:04:03
Matz has ignored -Wall warnings for years now. While I'm glad to see these reports, I have very little hope that he'll actually act on most of them.
2006-04-28 11:17:13
Well, we've already seen several fixes made or suggested. And someone is reviewing and marking several as real bugs. (matz has access to the developers' site, but I can't tell who's making changes.)

I'm hopeful that we'll see fixes coming out of this, though I don't know what the velocity of change will be.