Adding a Feature to Perl 6 on Parrot

by chromatic

One of the sub-projects of Pugs is a series of Perl 6 sanity tests which define a minimal set of useful Perl 6 features. The idea behind those tests is that a Perl 6 implementation which can pass the sanity tests supports enough features so that it's possible to bootstrap the rest of Perl 6 in that minimal implementation.

The Parrot project recently borrowed those sanity tests for the Perl 6 on Parrot implementation. (I work on Parrot in part because I believe that Parrot's compiler tools are much more suitable for building compilers and languages than anything else I've ever used.)

Though I spend more of my Parrot time these days applying submitted patches, fixing bugs, and refactoring code, I try to make time for new development. I heard that we almost had all of the first suite of sanity tests passing and decided to see if I could improve the situation.