Adding email to my T-Mobile razr

by brian d foy

I made my first razr mod. I'm proud of myself, but if you're already a phone hacker this post is going to seem really old and "been there done that". However, along the way I had to track down quite a bit of information, and nobody really presented the complete solution or the whole story.

Let's back up a bit. I have a T-Mobile razr V3. For some reason, T-Mobile didn't enable (or disabled?) the "Email Message" menu item in the "Messages" menu. Everything still works, but you can't email simply because you can't ever select it as an option. Well, that sucks. My moblog stopped working when I stopped using my Nokia 3650 simply because I couldn't figure out how to send mail from my new razr. I felt really lame telling people who asked about it that I was too dim to get email working on my phone.

Everything I needed to know to enable email was on the net, although it's scattered all over the place. First, I had to figure out that I should Google for "razr" instead of "rzor". I keep making that mistake, and so do some other people apparently since I got some interesting hits.

Once I figured out how to properly misspell "razor", I found quite a lot of good information on Howard Forums, including Help getting razr email client enabled on t-mobile and SEEM edit for email client on T-Mobile V3 RAZR?. I'll come back to those in a moment.

Before I could do anything, I needed a couple of things: a Windows machine, Motorola PhoneTools ($29.95 if you didn't get it on a CD with your phone!) to allow the computer to talk to the phone, and Motokit 1.06, which I had to google as "motokit106.exe". I finally downloaded it from after finding many dead links and only getting that link from a dead page that Google had cached. Yep, I downloaded and installed a completely untrusted and highly probable exploit kit: if these kids are making mod-kits for phones, who knows what else they are doing. I felt adventurous so I went for it. Once I downloaded everything I disconnected the PC from the network just in case.

The Motorola PhoneTools installs easily and does its magic. I got a shortcut on the Desktop. Whoopee. I connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable and sync the phone book and calendar. Remember, I'm about to destroy my phone probably so I'm going to back up everything. The PhoneTools look like it has some other interesting features, but I'm not that curious.

The Motokit was a bit tougher to install since the file I found was set to use Chinese by default. Have I ever mentioned that on my Windows box I use the Gaelic version of Firefox, or that I don't read Gaelic (yet)? I did this entire step without seeing any English. After a few tries I had the installer on my computer and I let it do it's thing. It installed as C:\Program Files\MotoKit and that's where I found the program (no shortcut showed up on the desktop). I launched the program and discovered that the "Option" menu item (third from the left if you're still seeing Chinese) lets me select an alternate language. Motokit also comes with a US-English language file (in ...\Motokit\Languages), so I can either select it with the menu or simply delete the Chinese language file (which a lot of sources suggest).

When I start up Motokit, I get a window with some icons across the top, a hierarchical tree in the left pane, and some info in the right pane. For some reason, my Windows machine doesn't want to do screenshots today, so you're stuck with my prose (unless I figure it out later or you want to see a very similar window at the bottom of this page). The middle icon across the top is the "Backup/Recover". I backup everything before I do anything. Motokit will save each backup as a separate archive, similar to a system restore point. If I really mess up, I should be able to reload my phone with something that works. The backup takes a bit, so here's a good place to get a cup of coffee.

Once I have the backup (and I verify that Motokit can restore it by actually going through most of the Recover process), I'm ready to add email to my phone. Under the "VSeries" folder in the left pane is "Menu Setting". I select that and click the "Launch" button in the right pane. A pop-up window with a bunch of checkboxes and labels appears, and the checkbox next to "Email Messages" isn't checked. I checked it and click one of the buttons: I think the language file somehow didn't reach this point because I can't read what the buttons say. However, I learn that one is "Cancel" and one is "OK" (duh). When I click the "OK" button, Motokit tells me that it's going to restart my phone. This is were I either make my life really miserable, or I get an email-enabled phone.

My phone restarts and things seem a bit odd at first because my wallpaper doesn't show up and the fonts seem a little funny, but 10 seconds later it's all back to normal. I look in my "Messages" menu, and there's "Email Msgs" at the bottom of the list. The first time I select it, it tells me I have to configure the email settings.
I have to enter a lot of information (quite annoying with the keypad), and most of it is easy to figure out. For the things that weren't so easy, I got some information from another post in HowardForums, ALL T-Mobile Configurations. The POP3 (or IMAP) information comes from your mail provider.

Since I want to use the GPRS connection, in the ISP settings I choose GPRS (over CSD), and for the APN address I use I leave blank everything else under ISP settings. I discovered that if I don't configure this portion, the phone will repeatedly prompt me to setup the email settings when I try to select "Email Msgs".

From there I'm all set. I give it a try by sending a picture to my GMail account, and it gets there right away. Hey, that wasn't so bad. It only took me two hours to get it working.

There is more I can do though, but I'm satisfied for now. On the phone, under "Email Msg Setup/Security", I can enable SSL support (or so it says), and "Email Msg Setup/Protocol" I can choose between POP3 and IMAP.


2006-01-13 21:00:14
Thanks alot for this article, my moblog was dead as well due to tmobile :/
2006-02-20 23:05:55
Configuring unlocked phone for T-mobile email and picture messaging
You might also find this page useful:

You tell them what type of phone you have and they send the configuration info to your phone, even if you bought an unlocked phone.

2006-02-26 16:53:04
Any advice for how to do this on the Mac, or is it just not possible?
2006-03-08 12:09:29
Well, I can receive emails, and I can respond to the emails from my phone. However, I cannot originate an email from my phone. Doesn't seem to want to connect to the server. My sending host setting is probably incorrect. Does anyone know what I should have for my sending host??
2006-03-15 10:47:58
I have followed all your suggestions to the letter. I am having problems sending any email, whether it is a reply or new. Anyone find this out yet?
2006-04-27 07:09:30
forget all this crap...u can just go to the 'picture message' option and don't select a picture, then just type your text...and write an email address as your'll come as an reg email