Adding Metadata to the Mix

by William Grosso

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As readers of this weblog know, I occasionally mention SDForum and the Emerging Tech SIG (which, along with Janice Carter and Tom Hill, I help run).

This month, we're holding a panel discussion on metadata and music.

The music industry has changed dramatically in the past 5 years (Napster is, at this point, only five years old). But, until this point, most of the change has been in the distribution mechanism and the players (internet-based to an MP3 player replacing going to the store to buy a CD).

Increasingly, however, what people are downloading, and how they found out about it, is changing as well. As
DJ Dangermouse shows, a hit album no longer requires airplay.

What's next? What happens when you add more metadata to the mix? Come on September 12 and find out.

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