Adobe Does The Right Thing; Creates XML Standards-based PDF Implementation (w/ Support for SVG!)

by M. David Peterson

Kurt made mention of Adobe MARS in a comment to my "DIRTY LITTLE* post from a couple days ago, and given the fact that Kurt is *MUCH* more qualified to provide proper commentary on this, I will leave it to him to do just that.

In the mean time, a couple of snippets from Eliot Kimber's recent post to whet your appetite,

Dr. Macro's XML Rants: Adobe MARS: Looks Interesting

MARS is an XML-based format that is intended as a functional replacement for PDF. It's not really accurate to call it an XML version of PDF because it's not a simple transliteration of PDF into tags (which could be done easily enough) but a ground-up exercise in designing and XML-based scheme for doing what PDF does.


MARS tries to use standards as much as it can and it seems to do so to a remarkable level of completeness. It uses SVG for representing each page, supports the usual standards for media objects (bitmaps, videos, etc.). Uses Zip for packaging, and so on.


Within Acrobat, the user experience off MARS is identical to that for PDF: all the behavior and functionality is the same. There is a MARS plug-in for Adobe 8 (reader or professional).

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And if that wasn't enough, at the bottom of the above linked page, you will find...

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Adobe... YOU ROCK!!! :D


Jeff Rafter
2006-12-10 15:33:04
Wait? So we need to get SVG from Adobe now? I thought that they abandoned SVG and we were all supposed to be worried about that. Seems to me a bit of a bait-and-swtich we got going here... step right in, notice the shiny SVG tags there in the window, look at the SVG-print support, shiny fancy PDF-ishness, and ... what's that? Oh no, no... it is called MARS. And oh yeah, of course its a standard. We just made it up and we're all using it. MARS. Joke-tellers, do your worst.