Adobe, Where Art Thou?

by Derrick Story

Adobe's decision not to attend MacWorld NY is at first astonishing, but when you think about it, it really makes sense.

First, the astonishing part. Adobe applications have served as the core foundation for the Mac for many years. Sure, we need Microsoft Office in order to have our Macs in the corporate workplace, but we want Photoshop for our creative endeavors.

Mac computing without Adobe is like trying to paint a delicate watercolor with a 3-inch wide latex brush. I can't imagine digital life without them.

Yet, if they were to go to MacWorld NY, what do they have to brag about? To date, their participation in the dawning of Mac OS X has been underwhelming at best.

We've yet to see a Carbon version of any of their applications except for Acrobat. And even worse, the only news they've managed to release has been the recent vague promise that Ilustrator and InDesign will be the next Carbonized apps.

I've heard all sorts of reasons why this might be. One is that the code base for Photoshop has become so tangled over the years that Carbonizing it is a horrific nightmare. Another explanation is that Adobe doesn't like to say they're going to do anything until it's actually ready to go. So, no specific announcements of Fall releases until there's light at the end of the programming tunnel.

Meanwhile, Adobe's arch enemy, Macromedia has already Carbonized Freehand, and gosh knows what they'll announce at MacWorld NY.

When you think about it, why would Adobe spend lots of money to attend a big party when they have nothing new to wear?

What a shame. A Mac party without them just doesn't seem right.

Will Adobe suffer in the mind of Mac users as a result of their not attending MacWorld NY, or does it make any difference at all?