AES Survey: Macs in Electronic Music

by David Battino

Macs in musicIt's well known that Macs are more popular in music production than their overall market share would indicate. But a study presented at the recent Audio Engineering Society conference found that the Mac lead is enormous.

Convention Paper 6899, Facilities Used for Introductory Electronic Music: A Survey of Universities with an Undergraduate Degree in Audio, says that 93 percent of the respondents used Macs and only 20 percent used Windows. The response rate was 81 percent.


2006-10-11 12:55:43
I guess we can assume there was overlap in usage then (since 93+20>100). I wonder if there is particular software on one or the other platform that requires the overlap?
David Battino
2006-10-11 15:32:05
Simdude: TASCAM Gigasampler, which runs only on Windows, is often found in hybrid systems. Composers run their sequencers on the Mac and use their Gigasampler PCs as MIDI sound modules.