Air Power: Airbus 319 flight to YEG, with power

by Brent Gorda


Recently, I had the pleasure of flying from Vacouver, BC, to Edmonton, Alberta on an airbus 319. I was delighted to find a 110 V AC power outlet in the seat back in front of me. Having never seen this before, I had to take a picture and share it.

Note the power charger icon in the mac window. Also, there is a USB plug visible on the left side of the display. I believe that is for future use on games (the PS3 has a USB input, I think these will allow the controllers to be plugged in and used for game playing).

It'd be wonderful to have power on all flights - kudo's to the Airbus 319!



2008-01-29 13:57:52
It's not quite an Airbus thing, the interior fit is generally spec'ed by the airline and each airline will be different - leather seats vs cloth seats, recline vs no recline. Witness (in Europe) a Ryanair 737 vs a slEasyJet one. Ryanair has the knack of making their 73's interiors look like a public lavatory.
But yes, a good thing to do. Wonder if they actually provide 5VDC on the USB port?
2008-01-29 14:02:26
That'd be useful to charge an ipod. I was joking with others that I'm going to bring a power-strip with me next flight. I'd be able to charge the laptop, cell phone, ipod, etc then.

And, if one knows this equipment is on board: no more hunting for outlets in the airports!

I travel too much,


2008-02-01 18:42:33
I powered my Zen unit from the USB port and charged the battery when my unit ran out of battery power while watching a movie.

I flew on two Air Canada 319's on my trip and they were both equipped with USB and 110 volt plugs


2008-04-30 09:12:30
This is Great!!! Now if only we can make it standard for all executive business trips!

Executive Coaching

Brent Gorda
2008-04-30 09:35:26
Executive business trips? How about flights for the lower class among us - like me!