Airport Extreme & TiVo & You

by Tom Bridge

So, recently I bought an Airport Extreme, one of the flashy new 802.11n models that Steve released unannounced at MWSF, and I absolutely love it. 802.11n, for the uninitiated, is a draft spec for wireless that vastly exceeds the current 802.11g standard, in range and bandwidth, and should be finalized any day now. However, my friend Jay noted that the new 802.11n Airport don't work with the TiVo wireless network dongles UNLESS they're in 802.11b/g compatibility mode! Rumor has it this will be fixed eventually, but in the meantime, TiVo users, be wary!


2007-02-16 16:53:01
I just got my Airport Extreme and have it in 802.11b/g compatibility mode so I can extend the network with my airport express because it's just beyond my range without it.
Maybe I misunderstood, but it doesn't seem like that can fix the Tivo thing unless you have an 'n' mode dongle. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious and you have an 802.11n dongle for your Tivo though...
Anyway, I like it so far. I did have to do a hard reset with a pencil on that hard to reach button on the back before it would give me the glowy green light though. For some reason the factory settings were messed up, and all I got was the flashy amber light no matter what I did.
2007-02-16 16:59:17
Er... isn't that just because the TiVo wireless dongle only does b & g?

It's not just TiVo users or Airport Extreme users, it's anyone wanting to use b or g hardware with any n hardware (I believe).

When we were all switching from b to g, running in b compatibility mode in a g router always resulted in slower performance than running a pure g network.

> "should be finalized any day now"

Hee hee! Yeah, now, 2008, whenever :)

2007-02-16 18:07:01
I wasn't aware of this fix, so I opted for the credit card fix. I bought the Tivo-brand wireless adapter, which is also g, but supports wpa encryption. So now my airport stays in b/g/n mode, and my tivo works fine with the slightly more secure wpa standard.
Island in the Net
2007-02-16 20:26:37
I had the same challenge last year before TiVo upgraded their firmware. I had a new 802.11g AP with WPA but the TiVo supported only 802.11b and WEP. Perhaps it is time I punched a hole in the wall and ran some CAT5.
2007-02-17 13:38:19
So I have the new Airport Extreme and a Series 2 Tivo, and I am unable to get these two guys to talk to each other. I've followed these intructions and my Tivo keeps telling me it "has not detected your network adapter." Am I just a knucklehead? Do I also need a Tivo-brand wireless adapter?
2007-02-20 14:56:37
I'm much more annoyed that teh TiVo won't do WPA2. Had to compromise security to use it! grr!
2007-02-26 05:59:04
Just got my Airport Extreme 802.11n and could not connect with my Tivo until I uploaded the latest Tivo software then it was a no brainer to connect at first try.
Brian Newman
2008-01-26 15:28:18
There is a work around within the Airport Extreme / AirPort Utility software for being able to use it with a wireless b adapter on your Tivo. It worked for both my Series II Tivo's that have b adapters and the instructions are at this link:

2008-01-29 11:23:11
I was wondering if this draft speck problem between airport extreme 802.11n and Tivo has been fixed. I recently purchased an airport extremem and bought a linksys WUSB v2.6 wireless adapter and tried to connect it to my wireless network but had the same problem you are discribing in this article. I noticed the article is almost a year old. I made the changes you sugested on the link provided in the article but did notice my network slower. What can I do???