AJAX Driven Javadoc Website - javaref.com

by Tim O'Brien

Stumbled upon javaref.com a really interesting use of AJAX to try to improve upon Javadoc. Thanks to Karthik Abram for pointing this out to me.

Features I'd like to see:

1. ...a way for component authors to publish and update versions of Javadoc, by supplying SVN URLs.

2. ...a mechanism for viewing a specific version of a component's Javadoc.

3. ...a Maven 2 plug-in that would let someone create Javadoc in the same style with lnks to the javaref.com site.

I think that like the centralized Maven repository, we need more efforts to create hosted reference content for Java. A site like Javaref.com is a good start towards an indispensible everyday tool. Keep it coming.


Sunny Liu
2006-06-28 18:29:34
I still like old Plain Old JavaDoc better.
Albert Attard
2006-07-04 22:26:30
Bill Davis
2006-07-10 14:01:47
This seems to be a huge pain to use. I want to be able to see everything at once regarding a class, not have to tab thru a bunch of tabs using my mouse. If I'm doing programming (and if I'm using Javadoc, obviously I'm programming), I don't want to have to remove my hands from the keyboard at all. If I need to find something on the javadoc page, I can hit Ctrl-F and type in what I need to find (if I'm using Firefox, don't even need to hit Ctrl-F).

This site is a step backwards for javadoc usability, just because something looks cool doesn't mean it works better.

2006-07-11 09:13:57