Live From AJAX World - Report 1

by Kurt Cagle

Tuesday, Oct 3 at 9:15am

Live from AJAXWorld

Adobe Presentation

Aarrrgh!! I missed Jesse Garrett!!! I'll try to catch an interview with him later...

Adobe's presentation is of course focused on Flash and their core AJAX FLEX support app.

The Programming Model

  • Expressiveness - Use of a vector language rather than XHTML (hmmm, bet its not SVG)
  • Real Time - Collaborative performance is critical
  • Rich Media - Want multimedia support
  • Performance - JavaScript is just not good enough
  • Offline/Desktop - We need to be able to be offline and outside the browser (I disagree somewhat on the latter, but this is their pitch).

He provides an insurance application demo (I wish I had Adobe's resources to put together demos), including a nice vector graphics piece showing the collision incident.

The second demo, using the Flickr API is a less impressive piece. (His comment - you can't do vector graphics natively in the browser ... my comment... except in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Konquerer and Safari). He then jumps to a google map with a flash overlay showing an online rich media streaming and message dispatching (video conferencing on the fly). Sweet, though I have to wonder about latency. The next application is a dashboard showing charting components, along with collaboration API.

Financial services (mortgage application) - components that expand and contract, then shows a messaging application for remote desktop sharing.

The impressive app was loading 20,000 rows of mySQL data into a component, then sorts it under half a second. Very nice. He then proceeds to snapshot the dataset, running in its own standalone component - a stand-alone flash/flex app called Apollo, more info coming.. Not surprising, though welcome, but I have to wonder if this is the shot across the brow to Microsoft saying that Adobe's getting into the app development space.

He finally shows Flexbuilder, running inside of eclipse, doing drag and drop of components, including smart datagrid which generates MXML in the background. He pulls in an array and a data service, then makes it editable ... then proceeds to show that the data is auto-updated (sweet, and gives me some ideas of my own). He tries very hard to say that FLEX and AJAX are not competitors (hmmmm... me thinks he doth protest too much, but its still an impressive app - combining FLEX with a DOJO update app). Very good presentation.


Jeremiah Owyang
2006-10-04 05:47:36
I covered Jesse's preso here:

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