AjaxWorld for Java developers

by Shashank Tiwari

AjaxWorld (www.ajaxworld.com) is still going on at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City but one conclusion could be drawn pretty much from the start - most presentations and expositions, with the exception of Microsoft (and maybe a few others), are and were about how Java developers could leverage the multitude of Ajax, RIA or call it Web2.0 technologies out there. In fact, the java development community was perhaps the binding or common thread among the multiple and numerous offerings. Laszlo and Adobe of the extreme rich gui camp have explicitly been talking about leveraging server side java for a while and JSF vendors (with or without ajax) are ofcourse in the business of appealing to java developers but what was interesting is that even the Javascript focused ajax folks were talking java. As an example, James Harman, in his presentation - "Creating AJAX-Powered Forms with the Dojo Toolkit" explicitly mentioned how the Javascript libraries of the dojotoolkit where so java like in their structure and usage. Looks like a lot of people like Bruce Eckel are betting on the "Hybridizing Java" story, either as firm believers or "don't want to miss the train" participants. What do you the readers, as Java developers and architects, think? Are you folks happy about all the zillions of options? Do you think it's all unnecessary and Java itself could get most (if not all the) the job done? Do you think "AjaxWorld" should be renamed as "AjaxWorld for Java Developers", since that's where all the action is?


2007-03-22 08:38:15
I agree should be renamed AjaxWorld for Java Developers :) It's exciting what is going on at AjaxWorld. As Java developer Im so happy there are zillions of options to work with. I dont like to have just 1 option also that is why I like OpenSource and Linux it's freedom to choose as Java it is now. Java really is the platform and language of the 21th century.