[akjak:Vader Sessions] The Force Meets Free Culture

by M. David Peterson

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Torn by good & evil and an incestuous love affair, a lonely and depraved Darth Vader has a nervous breakdown.

This is by far the FUNNIEST thing ever made this side of the Milky Way! It was created entirely by using the true voice of Vader, Mr. James Earl Jones HIMSELF!

NOTE: Nothing was stolen, no money was lost, and in fact my guess is that Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, and George Lucas himself stand to gain even more exposure than they already have** from the making of this film.

In other words, the word "Free" should not be confused with the word "free".

Thanks for watching.

NOTE: For a greater understanding of what a truly Free Culture stands to gain from being just that -- a Free Culture -- please download, read, or listen to either the looped stream, or the on demand streams linked below.

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2006-08-01 07:52:12
Hi David,

I do appreciate the postings you occassionally make in the "opinion" category, but, as there does not seem to be a means of retrieving an O'Reilly feed that filters out a particular category, I have no way of not getting posts like the above in my XML.com feed (which is for the most part topical to XML and related technologies). Keep up the good work ( I do appreciate the posts on XSLT support in MS products, etc.), but perhaps you could keep opinion and link posts to your personal, non-XML.com blog? Just a thought.


- Ian

M. David Peterson
2006-08-01 08:30:37
Hi Ian,

While I have to admit that in this particular case I would argue that the direct connection to technology and culture provides proper relation to an appropriate topic on this blog, I also appreciate your respectful approach to this matter, and can DEFINITELY understand your feelings in regards to being unable to filter things by category -- I hadn't thought about it until just now, but it certainly does make the "Opinion" category a bit less effective if theres no explicit way to filter the feed, removing the opinion pieces.

Fair enough. Not that I wouldn't have paid respect to your feelings if you hadn't taken such a respectful approach, but it certainly makes things easier to think about with a "clear head" when folks approach things in just such a way. (As opposed to the standard "You suck! And you're ugly too!" which is not far off from some of the comments I have received in the past ;)

While I can't promise perfection, I can promise that I will pay MUCH BETTER attention to the "borderline" cases such as this. I can also promise that I will spend a few minutes and get my personal blog back up and running again... The server it was on had some issues a while back, and I haven't taken the necessary time to fix it, and I REALLY need to.

Thanks for the nudge! I'll get that taken care of ASAP. :) Actually, come to think of it, I'm now realizing that a lot of the "personal opinion" posts that I would normally post to my personal blog without hesitation, I *HAVE* hesitated to post here due to the level of *opinion* I usually tend to add to the mix. With this in mind, I've been censoring myself without realizing it.

Hmmm... I REALLY need to get my personal blog back up! :D Thanks again for the *nudge* :D