Alastair Rampell doesn't get it

by brian d foy

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In an article posted today, Alastair Rampell tells Tech News World:

If you're upset that your friend sent you an e- mail using DidTheyReadIt, then that's a problem between you and your friend.

If he really thought that, why does DidTheyReadIt have to use a web bug? In most cases, I do not think people are even going to know that someone has used the service.

I know that someone loaded the web bug in the message I sent to his email address (, and apparently had it open for over four minutes from something in California. I have not received a reply yet, but I know the message got there.

And, not only that, I posted one of their web bug URLs ( in my use.perl journal and it has been picked up by a couple of spiders. I am not sure why spiders are loading images, but I guess some do.


2004-06-12 21:10:27
Image spiders
I imagine that Google's spiders populate both the text and image indexes.
2004-06-14 01:39:58
Image spiders
and the Yahoo spiders rip the images and put them in their image database complete with search terms based on text near the image in the original page.