Alec Saunders on Developer Communities

by Bruce Stewart

Alec has yet another insightful post on what it takes to foster a successful developer community around a product or service, and why companies should want that. I think this paragraph really sums it up nicely:
The fundamental premise behind an ecosystem strategy is that innovations by others make your own innovations more valuable. As the vendor, your goal is to position yourself as the platform of choice for launching new and innovative applications in your market. You want lots of developers supporting your product. Doing so allows you to position your company and product as a platform for innovation, especially amongst the highly influential (and notoriously early adopter) developer community.
But that's not all to his recent post, Alec also really spells out the specific benefits you can expect from a successful platform play and examines the most common questions around this topic. As usual, I couldn't agree more with Alec.