All Your iPhone Questions Answered (And a Few More...)

by Jochen Wolters

Does the iPhone connect to iChat? Can you use it one-handed? Does the Web browser support Flash or Java? Is the virtual keyboard at least as quick and easy to use as entering text with a regular cellphone’s number keys?

You will find the answers to these and many other questions in two iPhone FAQs compiled by David Pogue over at his New York Times blog:

The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate iPhone FAQs List, Part 2

P.S.: While you're there, don't miss David's "The iPhone Up Close" video!

Update: TidBITS has also published an iPhone FAQ, titled iQuestion the iPhone. It's written as an amusing interview with iPhone itself and is well worth a read.


Ole Tange
2007-01-13 10:54:27
I missed the question if you could install your own software. It seems you cannot. But you can on the Open Source iPhone: Neo1973
2007-01-13 11:28:59
OK, suppose I think that the iPhone is a fantastic package, but that annually paying AT&T as much as a new iPhone for weak broadband cellular is a rip-off.

Can I simply buy the iPhone WITHOUT the AT&T contract, and not have the cellular features? If seems like all the internet functionality should be accessible from wifi hotspots, and it's a dy-no-mite video iPod (with limited storage, to be sure).

Christopher Meinck
2007-01-13 13:56:39
This article by David Pogue was a great start. I've started to compile a list of iPhone FAQs.

This is user contributed FAQs and will be ongoing through the release.

Jochen Wolters
2007-01-14 09:08:10

The Neo1973 project is intrigueing and it'll be interesting to see how it competes once it's actually available.


That's a question many people have asked, but I haven't found the official answer to that, yet.


Glad to help, and best of luck for your website!

2007-01-14 21:46:36
hello i'm just wondering, since the iphone is well...a cell-phone how do you get music? do you downlaod on your P.C and then load it on your iphone it or buy music straight from the phone?
2007-01-16 08:24:59
The iPhone has WiFi and a decent (not huge) amount of memory, as well as USB 2.0, so you can load it up the way iPods are loaded now, or via Wifi.

The OpenMoko phone, sadly, has no WiFi, only USB 1.1 (*much* slower), and less memory (its limited to memory cards which puts it around mildly expensive 2G or really expensive 4G).

This basically means that the iPhone has the hardware capability, but won't (yet?) let you install a bunch of interesting software, and the OpenMoko phone will let you play with the software, but the hardware isn't (yet?) capable.

Jochen Wolters
2007-01-16 11:08:44

The information available so far says that you have to use iTunes to put your music and videos onto the iPhone.

However, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the released product — remember that it's still five months until that fantastic gadget actually becomes available — would allow purchasing music without resorting to the copy of iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

Just think about the additional business opportunity: being able to buy an iTunes Store track directly from your iPhone while you're on the road would mean no need to wait until you're back home at your computer before you can make that purchase, and that means no time during which that craving for a certain piece of music or video may subside. I'd call that (instant gratification)^2! ;)

2007-01-24 17:22:37
does the ipod part of the iphone already have the albums or do u have to buy them on itunes or another website?
Jochen Wolters
2007-01-25 00:29:29

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "the albums," but if you are referring to...

  • ... the actual music tracks, then it works just like any other iPod: you buy music from the iTunes Store or import audio tracks from other sources into the iTunes application, which then syncs with the iPhone.
  • ... the album art: the iPod section of the iPhone works like a normal iPod, too, in that it will display the album art associated with the tracks you sync.
  • ... the Cover Flow album browser: that's built right into the iPhone.

If your question refers to yet another meaning for album, please let me know, and I'll to answer them as best I can. :)

2007-02-08 01:51:57
Can you use a iPhone bought in the US in Japan?
Jochen Wolters
2007-02-08 03:06:22

In the US, the iPhone will work exclusively with the Cingular/AT&T network, and Apple may build technical restrictions into the iPhone so that you cannot use it with any other phone company. Consequently, I seriously doubt that an iPhone bought in the US will work in Japan (unless you mean support for different mobile phone standards, which the iPhone does offer, as it's a quad-band device, working with 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz GSM networks).

However, Apple has announced that the iPhone will be officially released in Asia in 2008. If you live in Asia, I'd rather wait til the Asian version is available.

2007-04-01 13:54:44
Can you use skype on the iphone?
Jochen Wolters
2007-04-02 08:08:30
Can you use skype on the iphone?

Apart from the fact that Apple, at least for now, generally does not allow any third-party software development for the iPhone, Cingular won't be all too happy to see this kind of competition to their own voice services right there on the iPhone. Therefore, my personal opinion is that we won't see VoIP clients for the iPhone any time soon, unless Apple implement such functionality themselves. Think "iChat Phone," or somesuch.

2007-05-01 14:51:51
if i bought iPhone from usa will it work outside it with another gsm provider?
2007-05-01 14:53:34
if i bought iPhone from usa will it work outside usa with another gsm provider knowing that this provider works on one of the quad band iPhone supports?
Jochen Wolters
2007-05-01 14:55:43
For starters, the iPhone will work only with a Cingular/AT&T contract, so it is extremely likely that it will be SIM-locked, so that you cannot use it with SIM cards from other phone companies, including those in other countries.
2007-07-14 04:06:47
Can the iphone from USA works in Asia country ? is there any way to change the current ?
Jochen Wolters
2007-07-14 05:31:08

Please refer to my comment directly above yours.

2007-08-17 09:42:16
can i use iphone in egypt with a vodafone sim card...??????
Jochen Wolters
2007-08-17 09:48:16

Sorry, but, for now, the iPhone will only work with a US AT&T contract and corresponding SIM card.

2007-09-07 05:27:01
can the iphone work with a vodafone sim card??/
Jochen Wolters
2007-09-07 08:37:39

Officially, no! However, some people seem to have successfully "unlocked" the iPhone to make it work with SIM cards from phone companies other than AT&T. Try searching for "unlocked iPhone" on your favorite search website, and you should find some related resources.

james peiris
2007-09-13 09:08:56
Do you know if the iphone will work in Sri Lanka. Please let me know.
Jochen Wolters
2007-09-14 03:54:17

The iPhone will most probably work in Sri Lanka via roaming. The most important thing is, however, that you must have a contract with AT&T US. Then again, search for "unlocking iphone," and you should find a number of other options by now... ;)

2007-09-25 06:33:03
Why can't I receive a pic message on my iphone?
2007-10-15 15:28:21
how can i erase stuff on my ipod memory i some how used up 1gb of space on my iphone and didnt even know it when i went to itunes in the OTHER spot it was 1.25gigs used
2007-11-07 10:24:03
can i use iphone in ecuador...if i put a sim card the other company in ecuador
Jochen Wolters
2007-11-07 14:10:04

You should be able to use an iPhone with another phone provider's SIM card, if that iPhone is unlocked. Note, however, that, as of this writing, the only country in which you can officially buy a non-SIM-locked iPhone is France. You can unlock a US iPhone, but that will void any Apple warranty.

2007-11-28 07:01:46
Hi. I was wondering if you can use itunes with an unlocked iphone or will that cause it to brick?
Jochen Wolters
2007-11-28 07:06:15

The cause for the "bricked" iPhone's is a firmware software update for the device. Using it with iTunes should not cause any harm. If you're worried about this, have a look 'round the 'Net for instructions on re-locking the iPhone before you connect it to your Mac (or PC) for use with iTunes and for installing that update.

2007-12-13 18:07:22
Do any of u guys know if there will ever be a way to use iTunes without a wifi hook up and not 3g either give me a shout at
2008-01-02 06:38:13
Can an apple iphone bought in japan work in india , does it work with sim cards of companies n not bounded as a CDMA phone bound to a particular company ???
Jochen Wolters
2008-01-03 02:43:53
does it work with sim cards of companies n not bounded as a CDMA phone bound to a particular company ???

Officially, no. If you "unlock" the iPhone, though, it should work with any SIM card, but this will void your warranty and may even cause your iPhone to become inoperable. If you're interested in this option, search for "unlock iphone" and you should find plenty of information.

B Simpson
2008-01-14 15:20:50
If you perfrom a restore on the itunes page to your iphone, does it affect the software version? or load the most recent version?
2008-01-17 20:05:22
How do i erase an email account off of my iphone, without reseting anything?
2008-02-17 22:00:58
On my iphone I added my yahoo email but when I click on the email icon, the inbox is a blank white page. The mailbox, edit, refresh, and write symbols appear but there is nothing else but a white blank page. I have to hold down the power and thumb button to reboot the phone because it freezes. HELP???
2008-02-28 09:40:47
Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to connect the iphone to my home pc and upload my own mp3 files onto it (not only the purchased ones from Itunes). Verizon charges you over $30 for the software to do this on the LG Voyager (another reason why I am leaving Verizon). Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Jochen Wolters
2008-02-28 10:01:15

Just go to Settings, choose Mail, select the account you want to delete, and tap "Delete Account."


I'm afraid I have no idea what causes this. May I suggest you post your question on the iPhone discussion board?


The iPhone ships with iTunes, which allows you to play, and download to the iPhone, both songs bought from the iTunes Store and your own music files, as long as the files' format is supported, and MP3 definitely is. ;)

2008-03-04 04:27:13
Does an unlocked iphone bought in united states work in japan?
Jochen Wolters
2008-03-04 04:46:39

The iPhone is a quadband phone, so, technically, it should work in Japan, although, obviously, this cannot be guaranteed, so your milage may vary...

Jonathan Hayward
2008-03-04 08:05:10
Is there any realistic hope of a regular iPhone-compatible keyboard in sight? Patr of why I purchased the iPhone was that, after seeing a stowaway keyboard done very gracefully with a very obsolete Palm IIIc, Apple would clean up with something even more graceful.

I have been waiting for the MacAlly keyboard (videotape of their interview at ), and sometime about a month ago I left a note with the "contact sales" feedback on the MacAlly site.

I did not receive any immediate reply, which is surprising--usually sales reps respond quickly when someone basically says "I'll probably buy your product if you just tell me when it comes out." Usually I receive an enthusiastic bread-and-butter note even if the sales rep can't tell me when it will be available. As I write, I still have not received any correspondence. Though, if it is projected "late February to early March [2008]," it is still premature to call it vaporware.

Are there any good prospects for getting the iPhone to talk with a full-size keyboard? Is it simply a lost cause?

2008-03-11 03:14:07
I think my iphone is unlocked on 1.1.2 and I want to update it to 1.1.4...can I ?
Jochen Wolters
2008-03-11 03:25:14

I would be surprised if, in the mid-term, we would not see such a keyboard.


I would suggest to re-lock the iPhone before you try to upgrade. Search for "relock iphone" on your favorite search engine, and you should find the required information.

2008-03-11 03:52:23
thanks very much
2008-03-11 04:05:46
like I said my iphone is unlocked on 1.1.2 but I don't know I can't sync my songs from itunes into my iphone. Can you help me?
2008-03-11 04:09:06
*I don't know why
2008-03-11 04:12:45
Oh finally I found how...thanks anyway
rosa medina
2008-03-19 10:55:09
why wont my iphone sync??
Jochen Wolters
2008-03-22 03:23:06

If you haven't done so yet, you need to tell iTunes what kind of data to synchronize with your iPhone. To do so, connect the iPhone to your computer, select it in iTunes's DEVICES list, and check all of the tabs -- Music, Movies, etc. -- to activate sync'ing for the respective data type.

Also, if you want iTunes to open automatically and, thus, synchronize, every time the iPhone is connected, check the "Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected" in the Summary pane.

In case the iPhone won't sync properly, try restoring its software: click on the Restore button in the Summary prefs pane.

Hope this helps.

2008-04-15 21:10:35
I'm thinkin about buying either a ipod touch or iphone. I'm not really ready get an AT&T contract. I dont want to buy a ipod touch now and want an iphone later.

I was wondering I could use the iphone's features (like wifi internet and the music playing capability) w/o having any service provided from any phone company.