Altoids Case for iPod shuffle

by Derrick Story

I have a stash of cases and boxes that I rummage through whenever I have a new digital device that needs protection from the world. Most of the time, when I say to myself, "I wonder if this will fit into that?", it doesn't. Not only doesn't it fit, it's usually too big by the slimmest of margins. Ack!

So you can imagine my surprise when a new iPod shuffle, earbuds, lanyard, and instruction card fit snugly into a metal Altoids box. I put the instruction card in the bottom to serve as dual-purpose liner, and everything else goes on top. It's slick!

Aside from being well-protected, the shuffle is less likely to get heisted... that is, unless the would-be thief had an overdose of garlic for lunch.


2005-02-13 19:41:54
neat idea!
it does seem like everyone is doing some kind of case or hack or storage or something with altoid tins. i did the same thing with an empty package of orbitz gum, the only problem is that the headphones really dont fit well in there.

if you want a challenge try fitting it all in one of the round altoid mint tins!

2005-02-14 03:33:27
Altoids Case Modification
Derrick, I love the idea so much that I made a quick modification that makes use of the Shuffle's original packaging. Photos & construction instructions are here.
2005-02-14 16:22:32
RE: Altoids Case Modification
What an excellent improvement! Thanks for posting this...
2005-02-15 17:29:58
Great Idea,
Love this idea, its really useful found an old mouse pad that was the same color as the tin of the WinterGreen Altoids. So I sliped in right in and its a perfect padding, thinking of adding welikesnow's idea. Thanks alot!
2005-03-09 12:47:43
Altoids Case Modification
Sorry, inline didn't work. Just cut and paste this: Sorry again!
2005-03-28 20:33:55
Yet a more compact one...
Check out this shuffle case in an Altoids chewing gum case. Creation time 10 minutes. Here's the post
2005-03-28 20:48:38
RE: Yet a more compact one...
Outstanding! I didn't even know they made chewing gum...
2006-03-25 04:14:32
Will the metal part scratch the shuffle?