Amazon Associates XML

by Rael Dornfest

Everything's coming up Web Services this week! First
Google releases its Google Web API and yesterday I found a note in my mailbox from Amazon about their Amazon Associates XML interface:

New XML Platform For Developers


At, we are passionate about driving continuous innovation that serves our customers in the best way possible. We know you share this passion, and now we're providing an even easier way to optimize your placements. By putting XML directly into your hands, you'll now have the flexibility to display dynamic product information in any way you choose. (Reprinted by permission.)

A praiseworthy initial foray for Amazon into the world of publicly available Web Services, what I'm most looking for from the Amazon Associates XML interface is access to wishlists (both my own and those of thers), listmania, what's related, and advanced searches beyond simple keywords (e.g. by author or ISBN).

An example of the sort of fiddling I've been doing with the interface is Amazox, a trivial app that makes a call to Amazon Associates XML interface, displaying the results in a table suitable for inclusion in a Web page.

What are you doing with the Amazon Associates XML interface?