Amazon Brings Google-sized Search and Retrieval To The You And Me Sized Masses

by M. David Peterson

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12/14/07 12:13:21 (2 hours ago)


the cat is out of the bag ;-)

... and that cat's got some *TEETH* ...


2007-12-18 13:38:51
Do you think the non-tech masses (regular users with no programing background) will be able to develop their own mini-databases with Amazon DB? Or is this just a web developer tool for now?
M. David Peterson
2007-12-25 13:07:02

You're going to need to have at least some programming experience to be enabled to interop with SDB. That said, I can't imagine it will be too long before someone comes along and bolts a non-programmer friendly UI over the top. In fact, this is probably a business opportunity just waiting for the right hacker to come along and build out.