Amazon Embraces Open Source Telecom

by Bruce Stewart

Rich Tehrani has the scoop on Pingtel's recently announced deal with and rightly declares this a major boost for open source telecommunications and the SIP protocol. Amazon will be replacing a legacy PBX and cutting over some 5,000 stations to Pingtel's SIPxchange Enterprise Communications Solution platform. As Rich points out, clearly telephone service is mission-critical for Amazon, so they must be convinced that Pingtel's SIP-based deployment is hardened, stable, and up to the task at hand.
Ted Wallingford is also enthusiastic about the deal and sees it as a real shot across Cisco's bow.

Another point that Rich makes is that while Asterisk gets the lion's share of the media attention, this deal proves they're not the only player in the open source PBX game. And as the jabs that Pingtel takes at Asterisk in the Amazon press release show (as well as the growing success of companies like Fonality), Digium can expect to see increased competition in the open source PBX space.