Amazon: Give Referrers a Store too!

by Steve Mallett

I was thinking yesterday that Amazon is missing a key ingredient in their services. I want to be able to create my own store right on their site… not mine.

They have an API for uber geeks.
They have a store front for people who sell their own products.
They have a referral program.

I want a mix of the referral program and the store front without having to figure out the API. They do that for sellers now. Surely, the number of people who refer has to massively outweigh the amount of people selling their own products.

So, I create a store, mix in products that other people sell, make bundles too (CDs/books/gadgets of the month). For instance I could put together the Steve Mallett "Programming Books I dig" store.

A normal referrer could then also have a link to not just the typical banner ad thing, but a link to an entire store: “Steve’s Recommended Products”. You could do this with a bunch of seperate referrer links, but I think we all know how that would work out.

associate-o-matic may be a hack of this, but how many people have their own server & php/mysql expertise?

Amazon, Just add a 0.01% commision of all sales from these stores to my associates account. Thanks!


2006-04-12 18:07:33
Hosting required: Yes
PHP/MySQL expertise required: No - in fact MySQL isn't used and no PHP programming is needed though the app was built with PHP