Amazon goes RSS

by Matthew Langham

A mere 7 months after I wrote about last-minute business RSS here, Amazon gets it. Nearly. Amazon now provides RSS feeds embedded inside the HTML pages. To actually subscribe to the RSS you will need to take a look at the source of the page and then find the link to manually add it to your RSS newsreader (at least my version of NetNewsWire can't "auto-discover" the RSS feed). Here is an example RSS feed.


2003-07-27 14:56:54
Copy rss by hand or use Safari and AppleScript
this might copy the rss link to NetNewsWire:

tell application "Safari"
set rssURL to do JavaScript "document.getElementsByTagName(\"link\").item(0).href" in document 1
end tell

if (rssURL is not "") then
-- necessary for substituting " " by "+"
set quote to "\""
set command to "echo " & quote & rssURL & quote & "|sed 's/ /+/g'"
set rssURL to do shell script command

set rssURL to do shell script command
tell application "NetNewsWire"
subscribe to rssURL
end tell
display dialog "No RSS Link found in document!" buttons {"OK"} default button 1
end if