Amazon S3 turns 1, lowers prices

by Erica Sadun

Last week Amazon S3 celebrated its first birthday by lowering end-user costs. Instead of paying twenty cents to upload a gigabyte of data, users will now be charged ten cents instead. Downloading data used to cost twenty cents a gigabyte as well. Now the first 10 TB will set you back eighteen cents per gig. The next 40 TB cost sixteen cents per gig and after that the rate drops to thirteen cents each gigabyte.

PUT and LIST requests will now cost you a penny per one thousand and GET (and all other) requests will cost a penny per ten thousand.

There's no change for storage prices: fifteen cents per month per gigabyte. It makes sense because Amazon's core customer is not the consumer who wants to do a single system backup but the developer or business person who wants to provide reliable downloads for tens or hundreds of thousands of customers.