Amazon Unbox: officially Windows only

by Giles Turnbull

Amazon's video download service, Unbox is live. And it's Windows only.

The Unbox System Requirements say: "The Amazon Unbox video player is not compatible with Apple/Macintosh operating systems."


2006-09-08 02:03:32
>I'd be astonished if Apple launched a video version that was Mac-only.

It seems highly unlikely they'd do that. After all there's been a Windows flavoured version of Quicktime for ages.

2006-09-08 04:26:33
UnBox ? XBoX ?
2006-09-08 07:18:40
The Amazon site also says 'if you have a PlaysForSure device it *may* work'.

I sense a new name for PlaysForSure in the coming weeks ... PlaysForSome ...

2006-09-08 07:21:57
Forget the link for my comment .. Supportedd Devices section ..
2006-09-08 08:46:16
Thats just Bizzare, as Amazon surely sells TONS of Macintosh computers!!!


2006-09-08 09:51:52
It's astounding they went to market with something this lame. They keep making the same mistakes.

Why can't they fix their broken music CD business? It would be nice to be able to preview music selections (like you can with iTMS) without having to install cr*pware like Real Player. Work out the technology BEFORE the press release next time, AMZN!

Short AMZN!

2006-09-08 13:17:25
I think Amazon is betting that their service will be the preferred system of choice by PC users, and are more than willing to let Apple dominate the Mac market. and iTunes Music Store customers are for the most part different. The former is made up of less "technologically inclined/in touch" people, while the latter is the opposite. Why does this matter? I think less technologically inclined people, while less willing to try new technologies, are more willing to do it from a reputable seller with which they have had a long relationship with. On the other hand, long time Mac users like myself have long resented those online services which are PC only. Because the Mac base is so small, we are able to be ignored. So, Mac users are more likely to be customers of the iTunes Music Store. Sure, Windows users will use iTunes, but the video battle will not be won by focusing to PC or Mac users, but by offering the easiest, most affordable way to consumers. Since Apple is already synonymous with ease, price will be very important.
Also, the NFL will be streaming games with Yahoo. And the NBA will be entering its second season of offering its games on Google Video.
But, don't get me wrong. I think all these video services are being touted way too much. But, I am happy to see the movie studios offering consumers choice. I still believe the vast majority of video purchases will not be digital until well into the next decade.
2007-10-05 15:08:46
i talked with a employee for unBox on the phone and she said their trying to work getting unBox for the MAC... it sucks because they have all the content I want... iTunes isn't a good source for international videos...
2007-11-29 15:17:00
If you are interested in seeing this work offer a pledge to crossover their software allows many windows programs to run nearly nativly on an intel mac, and they take pledges to get a given software supported ontheir platform.