Amazon Unbox: Video Service

by Erica Sadun

Free $1.99 Video? Yay! Windows only? Boooooooo!!!

As Giles blogged earlier today, Amazon Unbox just launched. New users are offered a free $1.99 video instant rebate. But you need Amazon Unbox Video Software to watch your videos--and it's WinXP and above only. How disappointing.

There's an interesting mix of films and TV shows on offer. Older films cost $9.99. TV shows are $1.99. A lot of the content overlaps with the offerings at the iTMS.


2006-09-11 13:18:53
24 hours to watch a rental once you've started....or the file "deletes itself". Woe to parents with kids who span movies over a few nights.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-11 13:20:39
Face it, the service is a real dog. I hope tomorrow brings better news.