[AmazonAWS:Code4Fun] Name That Tune! : A Semantic Web Service Mashup The Whole Family Can Enjoy (Or At Very Least Understand! ;)

by M. David Peterson

Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Newsletter #20

What's that tune? A Mash-up of 3 AWS Services...

Check out this .NET application built using C# and WinForms that uses three of our web services: Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon S3, and Amazon ECS. The application records audio from a user's microphone, saves the audio to Amazon S3, creates a HIT in Amazon Mechanical Turk that asks for the worker to name the tune, then uses the HIT result to search for a related album on Amazon.com using Amazon ECS. Pick your favorite holiday tune, test drive the application, then re-use the code.

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