Offers $35 Rebate on Tiger Pre-Orders

by Chuck Toporek

UPDATE: Well, after further review, it looks like has removed the pre-order feature for Tiger, as well as the link to the rebate info. Guess Apple didn't want people jumping the gun, or thinking that Tiger would be out by May 31st. Either way, this post is moot.

As rumors of Mac OS X Tiger's pending release date continue to fly around the Internet faster than pigs with wings, now offers a $35 rebate on pre-orders of Tiger made between now and May 31, 2005.

The special offer requires you to fill out and submit a form for the rebate, which means you'll still have to pay for Tiger upfront ($129.99 US), but you'll get some cash back later on.

Planning to upgrade to Tiger when it comes out? If so, what's the one feature you're most looking forward to?


2005-03-29 07:47:48
Good - Amazon/Apple rebates - problems
It is probably a good thing that Amazon removed the rebate offer. Several years ago they did the same thing on Tiger. I ordered, they removed the rebate, Tiger arrived from Amazon, I applied for the rebate and did not get it. I struggled for 6 months, many phone calls, threatening letters and finally got what was promised. It was an Amazon root canal. In the process I was told that Amazon was not an authorized Apple retailer. Also part of the problem was that Amazon somehow or other managed to get boxes without the usual UPC code on the flap causing no end of problems applying for the rebate. BEWARE: my recommendation is NEVER buy Apple software from Amazon.