An Aperture Accessory!

by Steve Simon

LogicKeyboard is now shipping three versions of a new custom keyboard specifically designed to take advantage of Aperture 1.5's keyboard shortcuts.

This Danish company makes a variety of custom keyboards, including ones for Photoshop, but I'm anxious to get my fingers clicking on the Aperture keyboard as I continue to slide down the learning curve to master my workflow program. I don't really see a down side to seeing the shortcuts to Aperture features on the keys themselves as a learning tool.


The company says: "Constant movements of the mouse to the menu bar in search for the desired function can be a real drag, slowing down the creative work process".

I admit to forgetting my shortcuts if I've been away from my camera and computer for a few days. Maybe this keyboard will replace the Ginkgo Biloba supplements I should be taking.

They are selling different versions: a clean all-white version, one with a mix of white and gray keys, and a Keyset Kit if you want to save money and don't mind replacing the keys that come with your compatible Apple keyboard.


LogicKeyboards are standard-issue Apple keyboards with the modified Aperture shortcut keys replacing the standard ones; and they come in USB or Bluetooth wireless models. Key-Set Kit is priced in USD plus shipping @ $59; $99 for the full keyboard USB version and $119 for the wireless Bluetooth Aperture keyboard. As soon as I get my hands on one, I'll let you know if it helps!


2007-03-08 06:16:46
this reminds me, Aperture came with a nice card listing keyboard shortcuts, I think I left it in the box! Must dig that out.
2007-03-08 06:42:07
yes it did and there's the PDF one too
My thing about the keyboards is the euro symbols.
What I really want is a keyboard overlay, ya know like the silicon ones. Oh one for my MacBook would be cool, but I doubt that will happen
2007-03-08 14:07:49
You can download the Aperture Quick Reference Manual for keyboard shortcuts if you can't find yours. An overlay for the standard keyboard would be nice.
2007-03-09 13:39:05
Be aware this is an ISO (European) keyboard. Some key posistions, and glyph mapping will be differant than a U.S. keyboard. The shape of the Return key is a dead give-away. I suppose the key kit would be fine. I'd prefer a silicon overlay as well - one I could swap out with Photoshop version!
2007-03-12 08:06:42
The keyboard and the keys are available in a European layout and an American layout. I am totally going to get one of these...
Steve Simon
2007-03-12 08:41:46
I hope to have one soon, and I'll report back on whether it has made a difference in my Aperture life.
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