An Inconvenient Truth : An Inconvenient Determination

by M. David Peterson

If you look at your watch, and if necessary do the time conversion math, you will note that it is now 7:10 PM in Salt Lake City. According to my previous post, I should be inside the theatre now. Instead, I am just getting back from the 4:55 PM showing. As it turns out, the 7:00pm show was sold out when I went to purchase my ticket. However, after chatting with a few folks that worked there, if theres was a spot available at 7:00, they would certainly not find any issue with me filling that spot. They both didn't seem to think that if I were to simply show up, there would be any real trouble for me to find a way inside.

In fact, my plan was to see the 4:55 show, and by word of a bit more "advice" just stick around for the 7:00pm show and discussion that I spoke of earlier.

Instead I am writing this post. Midway through the film I debated whether it would be better to be involved in the discussion, or to come back and just finish out the mentioned paper, and get this project launched.

When the show ended, I don't think I even remembered there was a discussion as part of the 7:00pm showing. I was and am *THAT* determined to finish out this project (its actually three separate, but related sites).

Beyond sleeping and eating, whether finishing these out is *convenient* or *inconvenient*, I am determined to finish and launch. There is nothing else I am going to do until they are complete.

When you hear from me next... They will be ready.