An iPod Shuffle: The World's Smallest PBX?

by Bruce Stewart

iBluesmall.jpgWhile I think labeling the iPod Shuffle as a "PBX" in this scenario is a bit misleading, this new iBlue Mac-based IP-PBX product from Berlin-based 4S Newcom is certainly intriguing. It looks like the PBX software gets loaded on an iPod Shuffle, which you can then boot a Mac Mini from to turn it into a mini-phone system running the 4S IP PBX solution.

The iBlue entry level system is expected to start shipping in early November, just in time for VON Europe, and will consist of a Mac mini, the iPod Shuffle with the 4S IP PBX licensed for up to 250 users and 30 parallel calls, and five snom300 VoIP phones.


2006-10-19 19:56:18
Not even closest to the world's smallest PBX. The Asterisk community has run Asterisk on a gumstix processor, which is even smaller than an iPod shuffle (and much much smaller than the Mac Mini that the shuffle plugs into)