An Oddly-Chosen Acronym

by chromatic

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Microsoft's named the software successor to Palladium: RMS. Maybe the hardware version can be called Global Property Limiting.

(Thanks to vsergu for the link.)

Okay, there must be a better expansion of GPL. Have at it!


2003-02-22 14:39:35
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It wouldn't be the first time Micro$oft co-opted existing terminology: DNS became "Digital Nervous System", the .net TLD became ".NET", even XDR was eXternal Data Representation in RFC 1832 before it became "XML-Data reduced" dubbed by a Charles Frankston, who works for...who else ( )

In their continuing propagandistic quest to confuse existing, *open* technology names, let me help out.
ESR: Essential Services for Rights
BSD: BizTalk Services and Distribution
PERL: Programmable, Extensible Rights Language

... I really abhor these people. I can't wait for the day people on this planet wake up and revoke their charter.

2003-02-22 22:13:12
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Right. Add to that

XP = eXPerience instead of "eXtreme Programming".
and how about "Software for the Agile business". Two more perfectly good phrases appropriated.