An Oracle tool that's worth looking at.

by Paul Browne

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I'm using Oracle Sql Developer (formerly Raptor). It's a nice little tool to view information on an Oracle Database (and much better than Sql Plus, which was a throwback to the 1970's). Maybe it doesn't have all the power of Toad or Sql Navigator, but that doesn't matter , it's free , can run anywhere (it's Java based) and does most of what you need.

The reason for the post? Opened it up today, and found that it has an auto-update feature (a la Eclipse). It now has support for Oracle Reports , Oracle Data mining as well as a nifty Sql formatter. It will be interesting how the commercial tool providers (like Quest) respond to this!

The main reason for using Sql Developer as a Java person is that allows you to test your connections; simple copy and paste your JDBC Url from your Java application, and hit the 'test' button. No longer do you have to pull your hair out as to why your lovely ajax web application no longer works , only to find somebody has changed the DB username and password!

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2006-10-19 14:22:04
One of the developers here stumbled upon that tool, and it swept through the office like wild fire, only to be sumarily put out and folks went back to what they were using before.

Now, pretty much ANYTHING is better than SQL*PLUS, but the primary complaint with the tool is simply that it's slow. Many folks had performance problems with the tool and that drove them away. Me? I'm still using some 8.x version of SQL Worksheet.

2006-10-20 11:42:41
We're using it at work but for lack of a better free alternative. It's clearly the best of the free tools, but it's still lagging performance-wise behind Toad. Also having to constantly click "Show all" when trying to list the next ~50 tables does get annoying. But hey, it's free, so can't complain too much :)

2006-10-23 06:39:32
It's only as useful as database browser in eclipse JDT.
2006-10-24 08:57:30
When our old version of TOAD wouldn't work on Oracle 10g, many of us switched to SQL Developer. I'd say SQL Developer has about 95% of the features of TOAD. Pretty good for free. The main feature that I found lacking was an easy way of letting a user look at a schema that is not the same as the user name. TOAD has a drop down to choose your schema after connecting. Haven't found the same thing in SQL Developer yet. At least it allows you to view all the various types of components in a schema - tables, views, procedures, functions, indexes, sequences, etc.. It can generate SQL for any of the above also.

Chris R
2006-10-27 01:43:19
We've been using this for a while, mainly because TOAD is Windows only and many of us use Linux or Mac OS X. It is good for doing ad hoc queries or browsing database objects, but lacks many of the features of TOAD. It is particularly poor on the PL/SQL side. The most obvious deficiency is the inability to load a PL/SQL package from a file and apply it to the database.
2008-05-05 22:01:08
How can i connect sql developer (oracle) to eclipse?