An R-rated rant about Microsoft Word

by Andrew Savikas

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I suspect this craigslist posting is representative of how a lot of folks feel about Word.
And it's certainly a fitting (on many levels) bit of irony that this poor guy/gal's "smart quotes", so conscientously applied by Word, are rendered incorrectly (at least by Firefox).

This is what happens when you spend so much time and money convincing people that your software is so advanced and easy to use that it will always do what you want without any effort whatsoever.

Numbers 6 and 9 in this list come up often enough that they're worth resolving right away:
  • #6 (editing in print preview mode) -- When you go into print preview mode, just click the magnifying glass on the main toolbar

  • To list the full menus (whoever decided this was a good idea for a default was, um, wrong), go to Tools → Customize → Options, and check the box marked "Always show full menus" (in Word 2003 -- it may be different in your version)

  • What would you like to say to Word?


2005-05-02 06:43:43
Funny and true
Thats so funny it hurts.
There's a saying where I come from that goes: "Word is fool-proof, but you have to be a fool to use it".

Seriously though...I work with big word documents and its a real pain sometimes, but there really is no other tools for the job. If only MS could make it more stable instead of adding features all the time.

just my 2 cents.

2005-05-02 07:05:09
You know...
A few minutes in Tools, Options will fix most of those problems.
2005-05-02 09:46:00
You know...
To which I could reply that there shouldn't be any need to spend time in Tools|Options at all.
2005-05-02 12:54:39
Ignore the rant.
I looked at the Craiglist link. It's always sensible to ignore anyone who bores us with juvenile rants and obscenities. If they can't talk any other way, they have nothing to say.

So why point the rest of us to this asocial twit? It tells us nothing. Most of us already know Word has these problems and the work arounds. The rest aren't using Word and could care less.

2005-05-02 12:55:31
You know...
You could.

Then someone else would make the argument that you shouldn't have to in order to turn those features on.

So there is no way to win this argument.

But my point remains the same - this stuff can be turned off by someone who bothers to read the help. I would say RTFM, except nobody actually publishes paper manuals anymore.