And Just Like That, *POOF*, Microsoft Attempts To One-Up The Phantom

by M. David Peterson

Update: And I quote,

You'll never catch me, Microsoft! Bwahahah haahaha hahaha ha.


The Phantom.

DISCLAIMER: I may have got just a tad bit "creative" in regards to what Da, err, The Phantom, actually stated in his follow-up, which, technically speaking, is something similar to,

It's a trap!

M. David Peterson theorizes that competitivness is behind MSFTs offer to help port Firefox to Vista:

"..MSFT doesn't like to be outdone by ANYONE.."

Hmm, that doesn't explain the last five years. My theory: they want to lure the FF developers up to Redmond in the winter and dampen thier spirits in the cold, grey, rain so the IE team can catch up. That'll give the IE folks time to implement Javascript 1.7, more CSS, native svg and xaml. And they can steal e4(x)linq from the folks while they're at it ;-)

Actually, I think if you add mine to his, the result is pretty cool! :D ;)

Thanks for the follow-up, Phantom!

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Never to be outdone by the crafty work of The Phantom, Microsoft attempts to pull some Phantom-esque moves of their own,