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by M. David Peterson

Squarespace - Blogging Evolved

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A (short, I promise! :) Story,

A while back, and after listening to several recommendations, Russ (Miles) decided to host with SquareSpace (yes, you can host personal domains with SquareSpace. A BIG++ in my opinion.) There was a (short lived) problem however,

They were still emitting Atom 0.3 instead of Atom 1.0.

The rest of the story goes like this,


2006-08-30 05:33:39 looks nice indeed. There's one other small problem though: they put XHTML as CDATA in "html" text constructs, while they're supposed to contain HTML 4. And since it's XHTML, they should embed it directly in "xhtml" constructs...
M. David Peterson
2006-08-30 16:56:52

Good point! I'll let Anthony know... This is one of those problems that can be a bit tricky, dependent upon whether they generate XHTML from the tag soup folks will enter into blog entry, or if they leave as is.

Either way, this can obviously and easily be fixed by using John Cowan's TagSoup HTML to XHTML processor >

Thanks for the info!

A. Casalena
2006-08-30 17:06:19
Odd that the validator isn't saying anything about this.
M. David Peterson
2006-08-30 17:25:12

An even better point! ;) :D

I'll post this to the Atom list and see what they have to say about it...

M. David Peterson
2006-08-31 15:56:24

For those with interest in the point/counterpoint of copper/Anthony, please see (and if desired, monitor) the following thread on the Atom Syntax mailing list. In short, Sam Ruby has responded with a better understanding of all of this, of which I personally have interpreted to mean that at this stage, Anthony/SquareSpace and the Atom (1.0) feeds they emit are perfectly legit. In short, if the FeedValidator states a web feed is valid, its valid.

2007-04-14 23:39:47
Interesting comments.. :D