AND...Glenn Fleishman wrote the foreword!

by Matthew Gast

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In the course of writing the just-released second edition of 802.11 Wireless Networks, I had a great deal of work to do to get the book up to date and reflecting the current reality of wireless networking. One of my favorite additions in the new version, though, is actually not something I wrote. Glenn Fleishman (of fame) generously wrote the foreword. I had started the first edition with the simple assertion of "People move. Networks don't."

While I still like my start (it's still the start of the preface in the new edition), it's amazing to read instead that "Matthew Gast was my mentor long before I met him."

The real kicker doesn't come until the end, though. As I shared his foreword with family and friends, the same paragraph always elicited a big laugh:

But Matthew's new job took him allegorically from a weekend household warrior to a jack-of-all-tradesman. Matthew can tear out those inner walls, reframe, plumb, and wire them, all the while bitching about the local building code.

Glenn has not spent much time with me, but he fooled my family into believing otherwise!