Android Code Day: gateway to a new kind of application

by Andy Oram

Google's new operating system, Android, is not just a comprehensive runtime for mobile applications. Nor is it just a rapid application development platform for such applications. In addition to these things, I see Android as a redefinition of what interactive applications should be.

The snowstorm that covered Boston yesterday didn't keep two hundred hackers from showing up this morning for Google's Android Code Day, most of them probably hoping to take home a slice of Google's ten million dollar challenge. Even more amazing, the Google team flying in from California also made it. We filled the ballroom of the swanky Charles Hotel, where attendees were interested less by the landmark oil paintings on the walls than by the images delivered by a wireless network to their laptops.

In this blog I'll summarize some of the basic elements of Android applications and how they relate to componentization, today's trend in software development.


2008-03-06 13:57:36
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