[ANN] Kernow 1.4, A Graphical Front End for Saxon, Written in Java 1.5 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

Earlier this morning (MDT) on XSL-List, Andrew Welch, an XML/XSLT/Java etc... hacker extraordinaire [1] announced the availability of Kernow 1.4,

Kernow can be downloaded from:


Kernow is a graphical front end for Saxon written in Java 1.5. It's
intended for anyone who currently uses Saxon to process directories of
XML and would benefit from the caching, or who uses Saxon from the
command line and gets fed up typing in paths each day :) Although it
started life purely as a utility for running transforms, it can run
XQueries too and now perform directory validation using XSD or RNG.

- Added optional caching URI and entity resolvers (including an entity
resolver for documents referenced through the collection() function)
- Added directory validation using SaxonSA, Xerces or JAXP (choice of
XSD or RNG where possible).
- Added the ability to run schema aware XQueries
- Added default, lax and strict validation for schema aware transforms
and queries
- Added the ability to choose the type of files to process in a
directory (eg, xml, xhtml, or well-formed html)
- Fixed a number of small bugs


[1] - If you find you have interest, you can often find Andrew attempting to challenge none other than Dimitre Novatchev in "coding competitions", posting each attempt to XSL-List, or dueling back and forth on Andrew's blog.

He doesn't always win.

But then again, he doesn't always lose either. ;)

Good times, good times...

On a related note, have I mentioned I'm a geek? Probably didn't have to, huh?

... Nope! ;)