ANN: throwaway bookmarks for honing attention

by Sid Steward

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"ListMixer is an easy way to track web pages that momentarily hold your interest. It's handy for tracking blog comments or for pooling timely web pages among friends. No account is required. Really."

Friday night I hatched this idea. Late Monday night it went online. After some debugging early Tuesday, I emailed my friends. Not only is this my fastest TAT for a web app, but it is the most useful web app I've made. I love this thing, and I think you will too.

It's ListMixer, a bookmarking service for the meme generation ;-). This is what I am telling my friends:

It uses a bookmarklet. Each bookmarklet has a (long) unique ID in it, so there's no need for formal accounts.

Click the bookmarklet to add the page you're viewing to your Mix. If a link in your list goes unclicked for 30 days, it gets automatically deleted. The result is a nice, informal parking place for interesting links. If you want to promote a link into your permanent bookmarks, just hover over it and 'add this' links for, etc., appear.

Share your unique bookmarklet with friends to pool links into a little <buzz>meme tracker</buzz>.

You can embed a link roll on your site to share.

You can subscribe to your link roll via RSS.

It's. So. Cool. (-:

Take a look at my own Mix to get a feel for it.

The initial uptake has been good. Paul Kedrosky says:

... Sid Steward has a funky new service called ListMixer where you add your bookmarks, and then if you don't use it again in 30 days it disappears. Love it! It's like the vestibule for bookmark heaven, a place to keep things until you're really and truly ready to commit to permanence.

Chris DiBona says: "you totally have to have to have to kill the logo. Sorry dude :-)"

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Here's an example of one link roll style. Give it a whirl!

Here is another, more lightweight style. It is also good for mobile devices:

More at the ListMixer link roll page.