[ANN:nuXleus] The nuXleus Project Preview Release 1 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

It was January 1st 2006 that I made the initial announcement regarding the nuXleus project. Over the last three months I have been on both a personal and professional push to release the initial public bits before the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2007.

While there is still plenty of work to do before things are ready for PrimeTime, things are FINALLY in a state where I feel comfortable pushing out a preview release, and as you will see by the time-stamp on this entry, not a moment too soon!

In fact, while I am going to push the publish button here in a second to ensure I make the 11:59 cut-off, the bits themselves are still being uploaded, and if the estimated time of completion is even close to how long it actually takes, they won't be ready for download until a few minutes after midnight. None-the-less... I'm pushing play, and will update this post when things are ready to go.

Back in a bit :)

Update: The first of several planned formats is now accessible [Download Size: ~54megs]. This is a raw hard disk image that can be written to the desired media using `dd` and then launched inside of your favorite virtualization engine.

More details to follow, including a complete feature list of all that is available [You might be shocked to discover just how much power and functionality can fit inside of 54megs of compressed hard disk space. In fact, currently things are a bit bloated -- there is still more that can be stripped out, though to do so means extensive testing to ensure that nothing breaks, so for the time being somewhere around 50 megs will be the size of the various file formats.]

Update: A bz2 archive of the root file system can now be accessed [Download Size: ~47megs].

Update: A QEMU-ready, QCOW-optimized image file which will run equally well on both Windows, GNU/Linux variants, and Mac OSX (via the Q: project) is now accessible.

At the moment, I am putting the finishing touches on a batch file for Windows installations that I am wrapping together into a package download that includes QEMU and a script for accessing, downloading, installing, and starting the KQEMU accelerator module. It then creates a system overlay (which leaves the original image untouched) and starts up QEMU with a second data.img file that is mounted as your /home directory (which allows nicely for data portability and ease of backup.) It also redirects requests to port 80 of http://localhost to the onboard instance of Apache/XSP (via mod_mono) as well as requests for the standard BitTorrent ports (yes, there's built in support for BitTorrent :) All other web requests (e.g. http://www.oreillynet.com/ ) go through the standard route (in other words, this will only catch and redirect requests to http://localhost), whatever that might be.

Just putting the finishing touches on this and will update when complete, at which point I will go into greater depth as to what all is a part of this release and how you can start to use nuXleus as both a personal and application messaging tool as well as a way of super charging your web browsing experience like none-other.

Back in a bit...

Update: As promised.